Circulum, like life itself, takes us round in curious circles. Its there, as we cycle through the day, through our life routines and desires – and everything in between. Its the essentials we remember, that are most important – and the ones we also tend to misplace. So we include, embrace things that order the essentials. Keys, wallets, glasses are typical, but its entirely up to you. One mans essential is another womans frivolity.

Its the first thing you encounter on arriving home, and the last upon leaving the house. Theres no questions, no forgetting, no excuses. Just sublime clarity. Pure function dressed to thrill. Close attention to marvellous materiality makes it part of your wardrobe, your decor scheme, your sense and sensibilities. The same underlying series theme and tasteful, functional elegance leave it open entirely to personalisation. 

Do not use as directed – use as desired. Hang it up, admire and forget it; love it and leave it.

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AuthorsKatjuša Kranjc + Rok Kuhar
PhotographyŽiga Lovšin

CIRCULUM WAVE 9Gospodar Ključev, RaketaGospodar Ključev, RaketaGospodar Ključev, RaketaGospodar Ključev, RaketaGospodar Ključev, RaketaDSC_8560-EditDSC_8540-EditDSC_8461-EditDSC_8472-EditDSC_8425-EditDSC_8418-Edit