Plaza Hotel is located right next to Ljubljana roundabout, on the border of the BTC commercial zone. It offers a refuge to many businessmen, who prefer to avoid crowded city center of Ljubljana. It is also a home to larger groups of tourists who take their own busses to visit the city. Another group of guests are shoppers, who are exhausted after the whole day in BTC’s shops and need a place to stay over the night. Since the initial architecture was very ascetic and purified and due to extensive glass surfaces sometimes also cold, we chose such materials and structured ceiling- and wall paddings that the interior became softer and friendlier. The hotel is large and many foreign guests pass its lobby. Therefore we wanted the design of public spaces – lobby and restaurant – to remind them that they are visiting a capital city with intense creativity. In order to utilize domestic know-how we insisted that everything – from furniture and chairs to lighting and design details – has to be made in Slovenia.

LocationLjubljana, Bratislavska cesta 8
ClientZlatarna Celje d.o.o.
AuthorsKatjuša Kranjc
Rok Kuhar
Project teamUrša Accetto Rems
Petra Peterka
Katja Žepič
PhotographyMiran Kambič
Sašo Kos

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