“World Café Sputnik” resides in architecturally renewed and revitalized building that in its former life used to be a craftsman shop. We have changed the floor plan and adapted it to new requirements. We have slightly enlarged the former space to make the place an attractive and pleasant place to meet and hang out on the city border.

We have designed the interior as a modern, airy and flexible space that should facilitate diverse activities in the building, but also on the garden and terrace in front of it.

As homage to the former workshop, the project team has designed partition walls and staircase fence. They were then built by exactly the same craftsmen who used to work there.

As the unifying visual component, we introduced interlacement of circles, represented on many levels – from spatial to graphical and conceptual.

LocationLjubljana, Tržaška cesta 128
ClientSputnik d.o.o.
AuthorsKatjuša Kranjcz
Rok Kuhar
Project teamSandra Banfi Škrbec
PhotographyMiran Kambič