A gifts value is much greater than its cost. Since the very begining of human societies, gifting has been an important activity for establishing as well as maintaining social relationships. What we give communicates where we are from, how we relate to our heritage, to art, and to the world as a whole.

Womens Broch

Crafted from precious metal and wood, captured in a ring  representing together a point and a circle. The former representing the internal essence of the object while the latter simbolizes its outer expression.

Mens Cuff Links

Precious metal embeded in a circular frame crafted from only the finest Slovenian wood. The simbolism of the circle is profound. While the design itself is modern, the craftsmanship reflects tradition, using walnut as the long lasting material traditionaly used for objects of high emotional value, forming togehter an almost eternal gift.

ClientDesign Competition for Slovenian Gifts During EU Presidency
AuthorsRok Kuhar, Katjuša Kranjc
PhotographyAna Skobe