During the redesign of the CUBO restaurant, our vision has been a restaurant where you can meet with both friends and business partners. Therefore we designed it in a way that allows someone choose between positioning himself on a visible spot and being discrete, hidden from the sights of others.

We have given the restaurant an airy design and divided it discretely into islands by flexible panels. We have split it into two parts that are unobtrusively linked.

The main design feature of the first part are dynamic wooden wall panels. The lighting behind them creates a soft play of light and shadows. The second part is characterized by rich textile paddings and dividing walls that are also made of fabric. A design characteristic of the restaurant are custom-designed details and hand-picked materials.

ClientŠmartinska 155
AuthorsKatjuša Kranjc, Rok Kuhar
Project teamSandra Banfi Škrabec
PhotographyMiran Kambič

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