How to stop your pet from moving the feeding bowl around, making clanging noises with it and making the feeding place a mess every day? How to make it easier to clean your pet’s feeding area?

We were looking for those answers when designing ARCO.

Designed by Raketa studio, Arco is a smartly and innovatively designed feeding bowl frame you can attach to the wall. It can be mounted at any height making it a perfect fit for pets of all sizes while protecting the wall. Cleaning becomes easy without removing containers.

Arco comes in two colours and two different sizes, to enable dogs and cats of all sizes to eat comfortably. A silicone ring keeps the bowls in place to avoid rattling while your dog eats. The stainless-steel bowls are dishwasher-safe and also available separately. This durable feeder is suitable for both indoor use.

ClientMia Cara
AuthorsKatjuša Kranjc, Rok Kuhar
Project teamAleš Žmauc, Vesna Draksler, Žan Brezec
Photography© Mia Cara