As the skin covers the skeleton of our body, the wooden wall covers the existing building construction of the central space in the dermatological clinic. The space where the load-bearing wall defines the floor design is softened by a wavy wall that hides the maintenance area. In order to avoid an excessive sterile feeling the colour compositions in the clinic are based on delicate tones of grey and white and, obviously, wood, a material so seldomly used in health care institutions. There is also a wide range of different textures that, as the skin, long to be touched.

LocationLjubljana, Peričeva 37
ClientSkin dermatologija d.o.o.
AuthorsKatjuša Kranjc
Rok Kuhar
Project teamBlaž Oražem
Katja Lončar
PhotographyŽiga Lovšin
Miran Kambič

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