With its majestic trees lining the street, pathways winding among the bungalows and the green spaces that quieten the sounds of traffic, Murgle is known as one of the most pleasant residential areas in Ljubljana. The spatial design of Murgle sought to be in touch with nature, to allow the inhabitants peaceful dwelling close to the city centre. These are all the qualities our clients recognised as they decided to build a new house in this location. The residential area was built in the 1960s, designed by the architects France and Marta Ivanjšek, who took a uniform approach; the exteriors of houses are the same, regardless of the social structure of their owners. However, they were both aware of the need people have to express their individuality, in this case, they saw only the interiors to be suitable for such variety. This is also the idea we followed in the design of the one-family house in Murgle.

The T House’s exterior captures the form and materiality of the houses in the area, but once you step through the door you find yourself in an intimate space custom-made for this client. In order to be able to achieve this, we were interested in the family and its individual members; we wanted to understand their daily rituals, practical needs and lifestyle. Besides the functionality, we were interested in the relationships between the light, the form, textures, materials and how these, intertwined with nature, the garden, impact the comfort of each individual family member. The balance between the key elements that define the space and how they shape the experience of the interior, how the interconnection of the interior with the outdoor spaces, in this case, the garden, allow for a more humane living were the focus of our creative process

Creating an interior is to create intimacy. Therefore, we carefully designed each space, from the staircase, the ceiling, the fireplace, the bench, the built-in furniture, the table, the little pool in front of the kitchen, etc. We were deliberate in choosing materials, colours, textures and paid special attention to every detail, to everything that we touch and that touches us.

LocationLjubljana, Slovenija
AuthorsKatjuša Kranjc, Rok Kuhar, Vesna Draksler
Project teamKatjuša Kranjc, Rok Kuhar, Vesna Draksler, Laura Klenovšek, Lea Lipovšek, Maja Horvat
PhotographyŽiga lovšin